Four points to consider when choosing anti-smash safety shoes

Four points to consider when choosing anti-smash safety shoes

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Safety shoes are also called labor protection shoes, which is a collective term for safety shoes and protective shoes. No matter what kind of working environment, good anti-smashing safety shoes must have the function of protecting feet from injury, increasing friction, damping shock and protecting joints. In addition to these points, we must consider the following four points when choosing safety shoes:

Breathable upper

The upper should be made of leather with good air permeability, the toe should be wide, so that the toe can stretch, and the heel should be able to slide back and forth.

The sole is elastic

the sole of labor insurance shoes usually has an airbag or a certain support, and it has a strong sense of elasticity when stepping on it.

The insole is removable and washable:

The insole of labor insurance shoes is the layer closest to the foot, which can slow down the impact of sports on the sole and prolong the life of the shoe. But the insole must be removable and washable to ensure the hygiene inside the shoe.

Obvious reflection area:

The upper of labor insurance shoes should have a larger reflection area, which can make people who like to work at night safer

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